Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ladies Event A Smash Hit! ticket's number was called and I ran to the jewelry table with a yip of excitement, my first opportunity to capture that dazzling bracelet calling my name! The Ladies Accessory Exchange was such a huge success Friday evening we just couldn't be bothered to stop and snap photos--maybe next time! Laughter, excitement, chocolate covered strawberries, door prizes and hilarious games: just a small "snapshot" of the fun of the evening. A special thanks to Kim Brandstetter and Lori Elliott, whose masterful planning transformed the lobby of the Riverfalls Campus into a Parisian froufrou cafe/boutique for one evening only. Thank you also to all the fabulous ladies who attended. Stay tuned for a follow-up event, coming SOON!


Lori Elliott said...

Yes, this was an incredibly fun night! RF and RW women getting together, laughing, getting to know one another...this was way overdue!! Can't wait for another get-together...oh, and there will be one!! It was Louise Holladay's night for sure! She won an orchid (and we didn't even cheat to make sure she got one), and she won a bracelet with her favorite verse on it! The bracelet even resembled her favorite one she lost several years ago! What fun!

RevReav said...

Congratulations on the Bracelet. Great post for a great event. Thanks for letting us uninvited people know how much fun you had!

Anonymous said...

A BIG THANK YOU! To all who were involved in planning and executing that fun relaxing evening. It was good even for those of us that are 'accessory challenged'!
I am still waiting for another rousing 'Bunko' night!

Thanks again,
Louise B.