Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Life Church Sends High School Students to Winter Youth

Artwork by Scott the painterNLC group in downtown PortlandRachel, Sara, Claire and HayleyWinter Youth was great this year! New Life Church sent 8 high school students and 2 adults to this event held at the Red Lion Hotel at Jantzen Beach.

The sessions were the core of the event. They were full of solid content focusing on God’s secure love for us that then enables and motivates us to love others in the same extraordinary way that He loved us in Christ. No one particularly liked the folk-style worship band, but each session kicked off with an exciting game on stage where people won as much as $1,000. Scott the painter was also present at each session, creating art behind the person teaching that coincided with the message.

Being in the hotel was fun and so were the activities put on by the conference. A particular favorite of our group was the midnight praise led by T-Vice and his talented band.

Our group really bonded during our time together. We had some good debrief sessions, but undoubtedly our favorite experience together was going downtown to feed the homeless. One of our parent volunteers gave us enough Subway sandwiches to feed us 4 times, so we put into practice what we were learning and practically loved others in need out of the abundance of love that we had received.

Thanks to Jan Titus, Lori Elliott and Carol Koran for sacrificing time and money to minister to our small group. We ate very well! Thank you also for your prayers. This conference was impactful for me and apparently everyone else. The time and money were well worth it, and we will be going again next year, God willing. Please consider giving your student the opportunity to be a part of Winter Youth next year. Click here to see more pictures.

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Lori Elliott said...

This is the finest group of students a church could have!! I love you guys and am proud of the growth I have seen in each of you. Thank you for being the hands and feet for Ignite Youth group those days at Winter Youth. I want to hear all about it!!

Mrs. E