Saturday, January 26, 2008

H2O Bags Tomorrow

A wonderful, generous, and enthusiastic crew filled H2O bags today. They prayed over the bags and for the people receiving them before they filled them.

Tomorrow, 1/27, you can pick up bags to have in your car.

Wouldn't it be nice not to feel guilty when you drive by someone holding a sign? Wouldn't it be nice if that person had some food, hand warmers, socks and some water?

Get your bags tomorrow at church for $3.00.

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Lori Elliott said...

I want to encourage people to buy these bags! I have given some away and you leave the rest up to the Lord! It is an excellent way to show people who are struggling in many ways that you don't judge them or pitty them but LOVE them and care for them. Excellent idea about the hand-warmers....I threw some in our bags too!

Blessings on H2O!!