Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gib Carlson, 1936-2008

We will have a memorial service for Gib Carlson on Saturday, January 19, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. at New Life Church Riverfalls. We will miss Gib a lot and there is a lot to say about him. This blog post from 2005 reflects him and his attitude toward serving the Lord and the church. It is one of my favorites.
Why is this man smiling?


Lori Elliott said...

Gib modeled something that every single one of us can be until He calls us home....a Servant. We are all capable, all called by our Lord to be a Servant. We must just do it!! I love Gib. I have been missing him very much but after looking at "Why is this man smiling?" I can remember this great man and smile too! That cute grin on his face is bigger now and will never leave his face because he's with Jesus!!

RevReav said...

I was hoping someone would think about that. I do expect his smile is happier than ever!

Anonymous said...

I forwarded the announcement about the memorial service to Paul & Diana Mayhugh. Paul's response included remembering Gib's smile and that twinkle in his eye that was always there. I think that is what made people like him right off.
Oh, come Lord Jesus...
Louise B.

Unknown said...

He was always a great encouragement for Mishaela and I. Even after our time at New Life we would frequently see him at Starbucks and share some good words. He was listening ear and always willing to help with little odd jobs. He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Gib and Nancy played such and important role in the life of so many that were part of the youth ministry the 1970's. They sacrificed so much time and energy to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus. As many of us moved on to raising families in other churches and other ministries Gib and Nancy continued to reach out to countless others that looked up to them and were touched by their warmth and openness. Gib was such a great role model for those of us that had the privilege of being around him way back in the 70's. He was so consistent, fun and williging to do anything to help. I cherish the memories and the lessons I learned from Gib.

Marc Trueb

PS - Cathy and I are sad that we only found out about Gib's passing last night. All of our family is sad that we missed Gib's memorial.

My Mom is suffering greatly but still fighting her cancer. She would love to know you are praying for her. She has not heard from anyone from West Linn and would love to.