Saturday, December 22, 2007

Life Group Christmas (Part 2)

One of our Women's Life Groups celebrated Christmas together this last Tuesday. They have been studying a book on prayer together throughout the fall. The Lord has nit their hearts together as they have studied God's Word, prayed together, and helped care for each other's needs (see Dian Hutchin's thank you note from Tuesday's post).

On Tuesday the festivities got interesting when Claire Robley got all tied up in a wacky Christmas game. Though it was cold outside, it was warm inside as the women celebrated the birth of our Savior and the fellowship that He has given them with one another.

The white elephant gift exchange got interesting when Evelyn Hall tried to steal a gift from poor little Miles Nelson. After some negotiations all was settled, and everyone went home happy... except Evelyn that is. In a last minute move of deception Miles ran out the door leaving his white elephant gift behind. Miles, she is waiting for you to come back and get that gift!

Seriously though, New Life Church Life Groups are the place to be if you want to grow in your relationship with Christ and build friendships His people. Contact the church office at 503-656-8600 to get involved in a life group in the New Year!

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