Thursday, December 06, 2007

Gift Making Party

One of our life groups put together a very "creative" mission project this past weekend. They became convicted of the need to spend less $ on gifts this Christmas and give more away to people in need. They realized that several women in the group knew how to make crafts that they could teach to other women. So, they decided to host a gift making party.

This past Saturday 20 women gathered at New Life Robinwood to make fun crafts to give away to their family and friends as Christmas gifts. They made mosaics, aprons, bead necklaces, and hostess gifts (brownies in a jar, hot chocolate ice cream cones, and special holiday tea).

At noon the ladies enjoyed a nice lunch together. Jeanette Kramer shared with the women about what Christmas really means and how they could give the gift of themselves this Christmas.

A few people used this event as an outreach and brought friends and family members from outside the church. In the end, the life group that organized the event was very encouraged.

If you would like to know more information about spending less and giving more this Christmas, check out this web-site that a Portland area church put together:

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Cornelia Seigneur - Finding the Adventure in Motherhood and Life said...

This is wonderful - My daughter Rachel and I were at Imago Dei church last year when they initiated this idea [Advent Consiracy] and now 1000 churches are involved. And individuals as well. . .defining our own Christmas
Cornelia Seigneur
West Linn Oregon