Thursday, December 06, 2007

Backstage and On Stage with Switchfoot & Reliant K

New Life Church showed up in force at the recent Switchfoot and Reliant K concert at the Salem Armory. Arthur Foullon and Andrew Madsen enjoyed backstage passes and met Jon from Switchfoot. Sweet!

Taylor Reavely and Nathan Hanson were called on stage by the band to play on one of the songs. Even though some of us who stayed home didn't believe the story when we first heard it, these pictures are proof.

They were on stage in the morning leading us in worship and on stage with one of their favorite bands that night. How fun!


Anonymous said...

hey cool blog! Small correction: it's actually JON from Switchfoot that you met. Matt is from Relient K.

RevReav said...

I did goof this up. Thank you.