Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Life Church Harvest Party

New Life Church had a very fun Harvest Party last night. Shrek, Billy Ferguson, led many volunteers to serve our community in providing a safe, fun alternative or addition to standard trick-or-treating.

We had a carnival with such unusual events as pumpkin bowling, ring the dolphin's nose and drive a nail.

Holly Foullon told the children the Pumpkin Story. She emphasized that Jesus can take the yucky stuff out of your life and replace it with a light. . . just like we do with a pumpkin.
One of the highlights was a maze constructed from Refrigerator boxes. Yes, I was caught looking for some candy inside.

Thank you to Shrek for all his initiative and to all who made this a great event for our church and our community.

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Jax said...

Just wanted to let you know how much fun my family had at this. My kids were so tickled that the prizes were flowing freely. Gracie felt like a total musical squares Champ and has been talking about it ever since :)

Jaqui Bettineski