Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day One -- North Brazil Field Conference

Our hotel is only two blocks from the beach, yet it took two excursions before we found the path to get there. It is warm and windy here. Yesterday I counted 14 tankers anchored off the coast. It isn't a beach that anyone was swimming in.

We have enjoyed delectable food. This is a picture of a Romeo and Juliet pancake, that is neither in a pan nor is it a cake. It is guava and cream cheese inside a crepe. And, it was yummy. Off to the side you may notice my Jesus pop. I figure, if it is good enough for him, it is good enough for me.

Our ministry has consisted of leading worship and sharing the Word with the missionaries in N. Brazil. We were unsure whether it was important for us to come down or not. Marcia played a little 20-year-old Radio Shack keyboard. It wasn't the prettiest sound, but a couple of the missionaries were in tears within the first few songs. This field conference is where they do business, but also their one designated time to be encouraged and nourished in the Word.

We learned yesterday that they will be losing another couple from this field, their second in as many years. The harvest is truly plentiful here. Just this morning before our worship time, a man stopped one of the missionaries in the hall. He asked who we were. Then his second question was, "How can I have faith?" Obviously he asked the right people. Until he was called away be a phone call they shared the gospel with him. The missionary, a veteran of over 25 years, said, "I've never seen a man more ready for the gospel!" Please pray the Lord of the Harvest to send forth workers in the harvest.

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