Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meditation on the Goodness of God

There are days when I doubt the goodness of God. The other day in my prayer time I meditated on the goodness of God and how it intersected my life. I'd been involved in a funeral for a dear saint. I'd been back to work for a couple weeks and life was gaining speed and stress. I'd been to a couple different long board meetings. Rather than lose my bearings on the goodness of God, I tried to write down, for my own encouragement, some of the evidence I have that God is good to me. I hope it might help someone else, too.

O Father, You are good to me.
You are good in granting me physical health and nourishment this week.
You are good in humbling me through a variety of means.
You are good to bless me with a Savior.
You are good to draw me to Him irresistibly.
You are good to enable me to see Him, to savor Him, and to serve Him.
You are good to give me hope and direction.
You are good to place me in a family who loves me and whom I love.
You are good to give me a church family who loves me and whom I love.
You are good to permit the testing of my faith.
You are good to enable me against temptation.
You are good to give my your word and to reveal yourself to me.
You are good to give me the hope of heaven.
You are good to give me your Spirit to open my eyes to the beauty and truthfulness of the promises and to bring application of them to my dull heart.
You are good to never leave me nor forsake me, though I forsake you.
You are good to draw me back when I wander.
You are good to assure me of full forgiveness and a stake in Christ's righteousness.
You are good not only to patiently endure me, but to invite me to come boldly into your presence.
You are good to offer help when I need it.
You are good to be sovereign and to dwell in the heavens in unapproachable light
and to have purer eyes than can look on evil.
Because You are good, You are good to do whatever pleases You!

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Lori Elliott said...

Thank you for sharing this list. I was encouraged greatly by it and am composing one of my own. It has been a long few months where I have felt God has chosen His favorites (and once again, I didn't make His list) and lavishes everything upon them---giving them everything they want and desire---wrong, wrong, wrong! God has been and continues to be so very good to me and my family as well. I am saved! My children are saved! My husband is saved! Jesus loves me, this I know...God is so good, He's so good to me!!! This blog post was just what I needed today. Bless you.