Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reavelys on Vacation

The Reavely family is leaving on vacation this morning. This will be, for us, a once-in-a-lifetime trip. We'll see all of Marcia's family in Montana and then head to Kentucky to see Chuck and Erica Searl. After that we'll go to Lexington, VA; Williamsburg, VA; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; Niagra Falls; Chicago, IL; Little House on the Prairie; Mount Rushmore; Montana again; and home. The whole trip will take us seven weeks. I will be back in the office on September 24.

Over the past nineteen years, I've accumulated vacation time that I haven't used. I will be cleaning it all off the books with this trip. If you would like to follow our trip, we'll try to communicate using my RevReav blog.

You will be well taken-care-of on Sunday mornings in my absence. Scott Creps, who led our Brazil team and will be leaving later next month to serve a church in Utah, will preach this Sunday. Everyone can enjoy Pastor Nathan's preaching at our annual outdoor service and picnic at Robinwood on the 12th. Then Aaron Orendorff will be speaking for three straight weeks (he will also be carrying some office duty in my absence). Then Matt Vorhees (who will also have increased time in the office beginning in August), Bob Binswanger and then Matt again, will round out the time of my absence.

I trust that my being gone will be a reason for all of us to be more vigilant in our spiritual lives. I pray that you will be faithful in worship, giving, ministry and private devotion while I'm away. Some have suggested that while the cat is away the mice will play. I am convinced of better things concerning you. I trust that your devotion is devotion to Christ, not to a pastor.

I hope that you have a refreshing summer and am confident that we will be refreshed and of more use to you when we return. And I am confident that you will be in good hands while we are gone. So, God be with you! See you again in September.

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