Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mississippi Update

I was privileged to spend some time with the leaders of Bible Fellowship Church in Pass Christian, Mississippi last weekend. My trip was a reprise on some of the leadership work we had done together last Summer when our students were there doing a sports camp. Last October I went down to speak at the dedication of their building. It wasn't quite done and didn't look nearly this nice.

Last summer the students rehabilitated a Delisle Park. The play structure they put up was not doing very well. But the park was still clean and the paint on the basketball goals and garbage cans was still looking good.

Damage from Hurricane Katrina was still inescapable after almost two years as evidenced by this McDonalds sign.

The highlight this trip, as with my preceding ones, was the people. This time I made a fast friend, Stevie. Here we are on our way to his brother's baseball game. I told him a joke at the restaurant and he spit out his sweet tea. After that we were inseparable.

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