Thursday, July 19, 2007

********Germany Update********

Gutten Tag,

Hello family and friends. Today is Wednesday and we are very happy to be here in Kandern, Germany. The weather has been humid and warm. The landscape and countryside look much like the Northwest. The gang has been working very hard on the old tile factory to convert an area into new quarters for the Holladays. I have been one of the cooks and general person to go to market with Marabeth. It is such a dream come true to be here and will be hard to leave.

We love and miss all of you and I will write more later. Amanda Orndorff has allowed me to use her computer. She and her husband Aaron are the main leaders of the team and Amanda has been making some delicious meals. Billy is picking up the language very easily and teaching a few words to others.

We will do some site-seeing on the weekend and are having a wonderful time. Thank you for all your prayers. God is definitely at work here keeping everyone safe and well. We are definitely well fed. We hope to have a fundraiser for the Holladays, as this tile factory is a huge project and will take some funds to get it up and running for an art school.

Bye for now,

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