Monday, July 16, 2007

Congratulations on 50 years

Ralph and Shirley Hanson were married 50 years July 12th. They were married at Neighborhood Bible Church where Shirley had been attending and played the piano for the services. Their reception was at Shirley's Aunt's house. They have been attending New Life church since 1969. Their family (Mark, Molly, Kathy, Dave, Rick, Lisa, Elizabeth, Nate, Katie, Andy, Ryan, Tyler, Austin, and Aidan) honored them Saturday, June 30th, with an early surprise party day. It was a wonderful family time.


Brian Janssen said...

Wow--congratulations! God bless you on the next 50 years together!

EJ said...


It should read "where Shirley had been attending and played the piano for the services."


RevReav said...

Correction noted. Shirley, how did you keep your piano playing a secret all these years. We may get you some opportunities soon!

The Hawke Family said...

Thank you for honoring Mom and Dad by posting this for us. How fortunate we were to be raised in a Christian home where both parents loved the Lord and instilled those values in us as children, so we can inturn raise our children likewise. God has truly blessed us with wonderful parents/grandparents.
Love you Mom and Dad
Kathy for the family