Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Brazil Update

Hello from Forteleza, Brazil.

We hope by now you have heard the update from Lee regarding our trip. We had a wonderful time in Teresina with the Igresia Baptista Morada Nova (Baptist Church in Morada Nova). The 10 days were filled with VBS, English classes, home visits and neighborhood evangelistic visits, as well as many services. We also had some time for rousing games of Uno, Skip-bo, cup games, and even some swimming time! The church reserved a camp for our team along with about 25 Brazilians who stayed and played with us the whole time. One of the neatest aspects of the trip was the ability we had to communicate even through the language barrier. We praise God for this, since it was a prayer request before we left.

The church was incredibly welcoming and loving toward us, and at the end of the time with them, we were all very sad to say goodbye. They gave us many small gifts and hugs and letters, and most of us were crying. It was an amazing time, feeling united in the Lord. At the end of the week, the church reported 50 new contacts through the VBS, as well as many more from home visits and services. You might remember that we were praying for 30 new contacts, so the Lord answered that abundantly above what we hoped! The church will follow up with all these people.

As we were at the airport saying goodbye, some of you might be interested in knowing that we ran into the Prosise family. They were celebrating a wedding, and children and family were all there.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We now will have 2 days of relaxing and debrief time at the beach, and look forward to returning home to you all soon.

With Love,
Scott and Melanie, Louise, Nick and Meredith, Val, Tyler and Sheree, and Bruce

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