Saturday, June 30, 2007

What if I don't have faith?

I have split tomorrow's sermon into two weeks and then I still have too much. William Guthrie, a puritan, in his sermon on Mark 11:24 lists several reasons why someone should be concerned if they don't have faith:

  1. Consider the danger of such a case.
  2. They are prey to the devil.
  3. They are prey to their own lusts.
  4. It deprives them of fellowship with God, and with Jesus Christ.
  5. Lack of faith brings hardness of heart.
  6. Not only can they not pray acceptably, they cannot speak to God.
  7. The cannot bring forth fruit to the glory of God.
  8. Whatever they do is sin.
  9. They are liable to the wrath of God, now and hereafter.
  10. They shall irrecoverably die and perish eternally.
What should they do about it?
  1. They should sincerely consider their case and condition.
  2. They should realize they have hope, yet while they live, of finding faith and use every means possible to get it.

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