Monday, June 18, 2007

Treasure Chest Podcast

The Treasure Chest Podcast is online! That means that you can have the messages from New Life Church Riverfalls come right to your computer. You don't have to order a tape. You don't have to pay for a CD. All you have to do is subscribe to the podcast.

How to Subscribe:

  1. Download iTunes: Here is a link about how to download iTunes on your computer, if you don't have it yet. Essentially you go to the download page and follow the instructions.
  2. Find the Podcast: Once you have iTunes on your computer, click this Treasure Chest Podcast link to go directly to it.
  3. Or, if you prefer more of a challenge you can find it by browsing. Click on "iTunes store" in the sidebar of the iTunes program. From there you will see a menu that allows you to select "podcasts". Select "podcasts". The on the right you can "browse". Select "Religion & Spirituality" in the center column. Then select "Christianity" on the right column. Scroll down to the "t's" where you will see the Treasure Chest. Highlight the title and click on the arrow.
  4. Subscribe: You can subscribe from this screen. Or, you can listen to any one sermon from this past year. And/Or, you can leave a comment.
I have posted a bunch of sermon titles below. If you click the links on those, it will just go to the mp3 file and depending on how you have your computer set up, nothing may happen. You can download the sermon files from those links though by right-clicking with your mouse. Clicking on the links in the blog has nothing to do with subscribing to the podcast.

Thank you for subscribing. My prayer is that this will be a continued and convenient way for you to get input from God's word.

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