Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jonathan Edwards Quotes

Now that I have finished school, I've picked up a book that I started earlier, Jonathan Edwards, Evangelist by John Gerstner. Here is some encouragement from JE:

If we truly come to God for mercy, the greatness of our sin will be no impediment to pardon." . . . Mercy, "which is infinite, is as much above what is great, as it is above what is small." "You can never come to Christ at all, unless you first see that he will not accept you the more readily for any thing that you can do."
As a reason for seeking salvation:
"A possibility of being saved is much to be preferred to a certainty of perishing."
With respect to so-called believers:
"that 'tis a common thing after they think they are safe, to be abundantly less diligent and earnest in religion than before."

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