Thursday, May 31, 2007

Journey to the HEART of WORSHIP

Seminars4Worship - Coming to Portland Oregon July 12-13


• Learn the keys to leading your congregation into deep and meaningful worship.
• Discover how to design more effective worship services.
• Be refreshed in God's presence and renew your creative and spiritual edge.
• Develop a more unified, focused and effective ministry team.

Who Should Attend Seminars4Worship?

  • Pastors dedicated to meeting the challenge of being the senior worship leader of their congregations while mentoring an effective team.
  • Music Ministers & Worship Leaders responsible for tailoring worship experiences to their unique faith communities.

  • Praise Team, Worship Band and Choir Members seeking to sing, play and lead with excellence while understanding the biblical role of a worship musician.

  • Children's & Youth Leaders wanting to lead students to a place of true worship.

  • Multimedia Support Personnel charged with mastering the skills, techniques and technology necessary to support modern multimedia, multi-sensory worship.
Participants constantly rate these events as "Excellent" and find both the teaching and fellowship invaluable. If you have questions please email us at or call 800.503.0629

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