Friday, April 13, 2007

Father's Heart Dinner

Last Tuesday about 50 people from New Life Church joined together for a dinner to hear about a new ministry at New Life Church called Father's Heart. We enjoyed a great meal, but also had a chance to hear about how we can help orphans in their time of need.

Olga and Roman Koran shared about their experience of being adopted into a Christian home from an orphanage overseas. They spoke of the benefits of being in their family and of being in the family of God. The spoke of the love they felt from God and their parents because of being adopted.

Kerri Tefft spoke about the experience that her family had while serving as respite care providers for foster parents. She shared that this was a ministry almost any family can do. She and her husband both work full time, yet they had the ability to give of their time on weekends to bless foster parents who just need a break sometimes.

Sara Pylate told about the "great adventure" of foster parenting. She shared how the journey of foster parenting had stretched her and blessed her. She shared that the journey is sometimes difficult, but that it also holds many joys.

Nancy Agnor recounted her experience of being a CASA (Court Appointed Special Assistant). She shared about the opportunity that Christians have to be an advocate for some of the most vulnerable people in our world, foster children. She told of the special strength God had given her to endure hearing terrible stories and keep pressing on.

As a recent adoptive parent, Kerri Corbett shared her desire to start a support group for foster and adoptive parents in our church. She told of how adoption can be a very lonely journey. We need the support of the body of Christ to help us succeed.

Mark Hanson was the Emcee who graciously guided us through the whole evening. Molly Hanson closed off the evening telling her story of caring for orphans and the impact that it has had on her personally and her whole family. She also shared some vision for the future of our church in this important ministry. If you want to find out how you can get involved, or if you just have questions about the ministry, contact Mark and Molly at

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