Saturday, April 07, 2007

Empty Tomb

Any celebration of Easter apart from the Resurrection would certainly be meaningless and empty. Here are some resources you may want to consider as you think about whether Jesus truly rose from the grave.

Chick Publications offers an online comic book tract about the Empty Tomb. I had the whole collection of these tracts when I was a boy. This Was Your Life was the most well known.

Here are some excerpts from the Case of Christ that focus on the resurrection of Jesus.

Here is a summary and outline of Josh McDowell's evidence for a resurrection. The layout on this page is exceptionally good. You can explore questions you are particularly interested in.

Dr. William Lane Craig of Talbot Seminary offers these two articles for those who want a more scholarly consideration of the empty tomb. Here is the sequel.

May your meditation on and hope in the resurrection of Jesus be sweet! See you on Resurrection Sunday!

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