Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Buhler Update -- April G.O. Partner

Updated Prayer Requests:

  • Noah, their youngest son, got his fingers caught in the front door yesterday. It nearly ripped the index and middle tips off. Fortunately the bones were not affected and 3 ½ hours after the accident the fingertips were stitched back on. The ends are pink again and they'll know by Friday if they will survive. He was very brave.
  • They need funds for a replacement laptop ASAP (approx $2000). It is central to Brian's work. Brian's laptop crashed 3 weeks ago and the part to fix it will take at least another 4 weeks to get. He may need to purchase a new one and send it with someone coming from the US to get his projects completed on time.

How God is using them:

  • LaVonne continues to help with a local kid's club in our neighborhood. They have split the kids into language groups and now more children than ever are attending. The Telugu speaking group has grown from zero to 25 the first week and is now up to 65 boys and girls. The kids are hearing the Good News for the first time in their own language.
  • Brian has also been leading a Life Group in our area with 6 families and 9 children. There has been great interaction and growth.
  • LaVonne has picked up new responsibility to help bring teams to India to help with the schools and sit on the school advisory board. She hopes to be helping with a number of teams coming this year.
  • Brian has completed two pastoral sponsorship websites which should go live this month. He also hopes to be teaching a week long computer training course for all the teachers of their partners school at the end of April when school is out.

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