Sunday, April 01, 2007

April G.O. Partner

Brian and LaVonne Buhler
Josiah, Emily, and Noah
Serving with Ideas in SE Asia

Brian and LaVonne work with a group called the Dalits, the lowest Hindu Caste. These people are considered outcasts and are not given opportunities such as education and jobs because of their family caste. Brian and LaVonne partner with an organization that is providing education and advancement resources for the Dalits. Brian works on computers, helping to keep up a child-sponsor webpage for the students in the education classes. LaVonne teaches courses training Dalits who want to be teachers.

Please pray for:

• Their children’s education. Their oldest, Josiah, has had problems with bullies at school, and there have been problems with his teacher as well.
• With additional ministry needs, they are in need of an additional $465 a month in support.
• Students in LaVonne’s classes, and students in the elementary schools who are striving to change their lives and their place in the caste system.

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