Friday, March 02, 2007

The Supposed Bones of Jesus

Here is a simple and helpful article that sheds some light on the supposed documentary that will air on the Discovery Channel on Sunday.


Lori Elliott said...

Saw this on The Today Show with TJ this past week. Opened up some good discussion...he asked, "Does this shake your faith, Mom?" Well, absolutely not but his question alerted me to the possibilty that something like this might cause some questioning for him...for any of our kids who are that point in their faith-walk with Christ where they are making it their own and letting loose of the "shirt-tail faith" of their parents for these many years. We need to be ready with Biblical facts/Scriptural defenses to answer any questions...or listen to how they might respond this "documentary."

I'm going to watch this (even if I believe it to be nonsense) because my children go to school with peers that will be questioning Jesus's life and diety; peers that will use this to back up Satan's mission--Jesus was just another guy and wasn't God Himself with skin on...He didn't die and rise again...He was just another man like us--no great shakes. You can bet our kids will hear about this in their classes in middle school and high school or just with their friends. I'm not afraid for my kids to watch it and be informed about what some of their peers might be talking about. It just might shake my kids up a bit...that's good--get them thinking why they believe what they believe. I pray that they will be honest and able to open up and talk about any questions this "documentary" might stir in them. I pray for wisdom to answer any questions and eyes into their hearts to know where they are in their relationship with Him. We know that Satan intends this whole thing for evil but our God will use it for His glory!


RevReav said...

Thanks Lori,

I hope this link was helpful for you and TJ in talking about this.

Lori Elliott said...

Oh yes! It was a great resource of us and was especially re-affirming for him in what he believed in his heart and knew to be true in his heart and mind. Thank you!!