Monday, March 26, 2007

Sermon Prep Sites

Spring Break Special

It's Spring Break. People have more time on their hands this week, I'll try to supply links that will be fruitful ways for you to spend time online.

Most of the work I do on my sermons is not on the Internet. I do have a couple favorite sites that I check before I go public with a sermon. One is PRECEPT AUSTIN. They have an great collection commentaries. Their map section is unparalleled (I just discovered this).

Another is the sermon text section at Monergism is run by a man in West Linn and Aaron Orendorff works there. They are a good source of books and have a huge selection of old writings. I discovered Monergism when I was looking for audio sermons.

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Steve said...

Thanks for sharing these resources. I am a pastor, and I think they are super sites for sermon prep.