Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Photos for Free

Spring Break Special

I'll spend quite a bit of time looking for the right photo for my PowerPoint backgrounds for my sermons. Sometimes I need the right image for a blog post. Not surprisingly, I'm too cheap to pay for a picture. Today's sites are the places I go, after my own collection, when Google doesn't serve up the perfect picture.

Resolution and Stillness contain some of my favorite pictures, sometimes of some of my favorite people by some of my favorite people. They are photo blogs by Nick Curteman and Andie Haugen from our church!

A Flickr:Shared Worship Background Graphics and Churchphoto.de offer free worship or church related pictures. Both encourage sharing, but I haven't had time...maybe after I'm finally finished with school.

Stock.xchng, Bigphoto.com, and webshots are three sites with free pictures. They also have some "pro" or "premium" pictures that will cost something. Sometimes you will find an image on one of these that you would not tell your mother about, so beware.

Then, as a diversion, Google has thought of an amazing, fun, way to create key words for their pictures to help us all find them better. It is their Image Labeler. You are paired with someone and you have to label a picture with the same key word. When you do you move on to the next picture and you get points for each one you complete. Have fun.

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