Thursday, March 01, 2007

Farewell Freda

Yesterday we celebrated the faithful service that Freda Fox has rendered to New Life Church over the past 29 years. Beginning at noon the pastoral staff took her to lunch and stalled until 3:00 when the reception began. Friends and family were in and out of the church until after 6:00 to wish her well.

For lunch we went to the new Claim Jumper Restaurant in Clackamas. The portions were generous and the building was beautiful. It was not our first choice, though. I forgot to make reservations at the Brazil Grill and missed the small detail that they only serve lunch on Saturdays. Oops! It did make our stall until 3:00 pretty easy.

Ken and Joanne made a video of the church saying farewell. We showed that video a couple times. Kim, Lori, Brenda, Chris and Judy worked behind the scenes to make the celebration delightful. Thank you.

I would have put live pictures of people here, but the creative artwork by members of the congregation was really the highlight. Here are a couple samples. Freda got lots of flowers, gifts and cards, too.

The church is sending her and Jerry on a trip to Victoria, BC. They did something similar years ago and enjoyed it a great deal. She assured me she'd look at it after they return from their England trip later this month!

Thanks again, Freda. You have been an encouragement to us all!

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