Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentine's Banquet

Men's Ministry hosted a Valentines Banquet for couples at New Life Church last night at Black Point Inn in Oregon City. Tim Snyder led us in singing some 'oldies'. Bob Maddox gave a wonderful message on how to fight fair -- a nice romantic topic for Valentine's Day. We enjoyed a nice meal, scrumptious dessert and great company.Let me call you Sweetheart!

Pastor Maddox suggested that we have conflict because we have bought into the plan of the world for our relationship instead of God's plan, because we have expectations of others that are higher than reality and because we're different.
How to fight fair with Bob Maddox
The whole room grew uncomfortable when he made Pastor Scott admit to everyone that he and Marcia fight. Thankfully, Marcia was the only one who didn't believe him. . . Well, okay, maybe we did spend some time afterwards talking about it.

Actually, I hope everyone did. The evening made me love and appreciate my fabulous wife even more! I trust it had that result for everyone. Well, I mean, love and appreciate their own wives. Or, their own husbands, as the case may be. You know what I mean. . . maybe I should just quit now.

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