Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have suggested that the first person to turn in their annual report each year should get a prize. Well, the first person this year REALLY deserves a prize. She was first and then I didn’t get it into the report. My humble apologies go to Joeleen Montgomery! Her report is below.


In 2004, we moved the children's library down stairs to give them more room; also we are in the process of updating the upstairs library by removing outdated materials and making room for new materials to come. We will be adding many new books to our library as soon as we finish this process.

Hannah Cochran is doing a great job running the children's library. If you haven’t seen the space downstairs, take a look at what she’s done.

In 2006 we hope to start a Library in Robinwood and keep adding new books and tapes to our library. Have some shelves removed in our library to start a section for BOOKS OF THE BIBLE and add new CD's and books to our Children's Library down stairs.
Joeleen Montgomery, Library


Judy Cochran said...

Freda: After 29 years of service, you're entitled to one mistake :-)

Louise B said...

So it's about time it happened! Now be sure that is the last and final one... ;>