Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy New Year?

This past Sunday we had a New Year's Day celebration at New Life Robinwood... Chinese New Year! During the worship service we saw pictures of our global partners, Paul and Diana Mayhugh and the people they work with in Macau (a tiny island nation off the coast of China).

The Mayhughs work primarily with Chinese students. We prayed for their work and their family. To the right is a picture taken of Diana Mayhugh and some of the students she works with. On this night she shared about Jesus using a Nativity scene, and some of the students heard the Christmas story for the very first time.

To the left is a picture of Paul Mayhugh and some more students on Christmas Eve. These are students who have come to Christ and are following Him in baptism!

It was a blessing to spend time praying for the Mayhughs and the people of Macau and China. The children spent some time learning about Chinese culture and how God is moving in China. Below is a picture of a few of the children trying to see if they would fit in to Chinese culture.

We ended the day with a "Chinese" Potluck. I'm sure it was nothing like a real Chinese potluck, but it was fun none the less. After the meal we spent another extended time in prayer for the Mayhughs, God's work in Macau and China, and the expansion of His kingdom around the world and right here in West Linn.

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