Sunday, February 25, 2007

Freda is Retiring

The day I've long dreaded is now upon us. Freda is retiring from New Life church after 29 years of faithful and capable service. Wednesday, February 28th will be her final day.

She has been the friendly voice on the phone, the inventor of words like "flustrated", the bookkeeper, counselor, bulletin printer, office manager and more for all this time. She has served with four senior pastors, answered the phone using three church names, and published the monthly newsletter under at least two names before it was discontinued last year. She began typing the bulletin on an IBM Selectric typewriter and ran it off on a mimeograph. The intercom near the front door actually worked. The church had a kindergarten. She began in the office across from the drinking fountains.

When Freda began as the secretary for West Linn First Baptist Church in 1978:

  • Jimmy Carter was president.
  • Garfield made his debut in the comic section.
  • Jim Jones led the Jonestown mass suicide.
  • Different Strokes was the new sitcom on TV.
  • The Susan B. Anthony dollar went into production.
  • The Camp David Accords were signed by Israel and Egypt.
  • The first "test-tube baby" was born.
  • Peter Rose recorded his 3000th hit.
  • Karol Wojtyla of Poland became Pope John Paul II.
  • Taito Corp launched first arcade video game, Space Invaders.
  • Superman the movie debuted, starring Christopher Reeve.
  • And, Pastor Scott was in high school.
Freda, we love you and will miss you. Thank you for your faithful service and friendship.

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