Friday, December 01, 2006

December Missionaries of the Month

Skip and Ruth Sorensen -- Uganda:

Primary Ministry Focus
Training pastors and church workers to establish and strengthen churches.

The People
Primarily the Bakiga and Banyankole tribal groups of Western Uganda, which together comprise one of the largest language groups in Uganda. Hard-working farmers and cattle raisers, they are warm, hospitable people who are hungry for spiritual understanding and open to the gospel.

Major Challenges

The difficulty of working with diverse language groups in a wide geographical area.

Prayer Focus
• Pray that the pastors and church leaders will mature spiritually and acquire skills to disciple the church members.
• Pray for the hearts of the believers here to be strengthened and drawn closer to God.
• Continue to pray for Stan as he’s away from home at boarding school in Kenya.

Audrey Sorensen -- Rwanda:

Primary Ministry Focus
Audrey is in Rwanda serving with WorldVenture ministering to children (mostly between ages of 5 and 16).

The People
The people in Rwanda have no or little knowledge of the Bible and cannot afford to buy a Bible of their own. The cost of a Bible there can feed a family for 3 weeks!

Prayer Focus
She just arrived this fall for a four year term. She is very excited to begin ministry and would appreciate your prayers.
• Getting connected with the locals
• Learning the language
• Endurance

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