Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Port of Call Hospitality House

We've done some work projects and some short term mission trips before, but we've never had someone on the receiving end make a webpage that features our trip. . . until now. Here is a set of photos from our trip to the Port of Call Hospitality House. Check out their page!

September 30th, we took 8 team members. We stopped at Ft Lewis hospitality house and dropped off 4 - Bob & Barbara Montgomery, Cris Austen, Louise Bennett - and Paul Metko went with the others to Bremerton. At Ft. Lewis we painted inside the new kitchen cupboards. When the cupboards are on floor level you sure to have to practice your stretching before you attempt to get into that space!!! There was also some sanding and finishing of benches. And we topped it off with yard work.

The Bremerton team - Larry Latimer, Mark Hannifan, Dale Austen, Lee Bennett and Paul Metko focused on re-doing a stone retaining wall. Larry Latimer got himself into a hornets nest and was stung on the hand several times. God stopped the bees from doing more damage by using Larry's inside out sweatshirt. The fuzzy fleece foiled the frenzy!

Tired sore muscles were the order of the day, but that is nothing in comparison to what Cadence workers do day in and day out! It is always a blessing to help out and do the things that we can to relieve the Cadence workers to minister to the soldiers.

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