Saturday, November 04, 2006

Communion Sunday

Eternal King, enthron'd above,
Look down in faithfulness and love;
Prepare our hearts to seek thy face,
And grant us thy reviving grace.

Long have we heard the joyful call,
But yet our faith and love are small;
Our hearts are torn with worldly cares,
And all our paths are fill'd with snares.

Unworthy to approach thy throne,
Our trust is fix'd on Christ alone;
In him thy cov'nant stands secure,
And will from age to age endure.

O let us hear thy pard'ning voice,
And bid our mourning hearts rejoice;
Revive our souls, our faith renew,
Prepare for duties now in view.

Make all our spices flow abroad,
A grateful incense to our God;
Let hope, and love, and joy appear,
And ev'ry grace be active here.

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