Sunday, October 08, 2006

Moldova/Ukraine Update

Carol, Cheri Strahm and I (Judy) just arrived in Kiev, Ukraine after an adventureous 24 hour train ride from Chisinau, Moldova. We are now at the home of Rich and Cheri Strahm in Kiev.

The Women's Leadership Conference was a huge success! 54 women representing 17 churches and parachurch organizations throughout Moldova attended the conference. Beforehand, the conference coordinators were concerned that the various denominations would not get along. We prayed for unity and our prayers were answered. My presentations were well received and seemed to meet their needs. Carol looked like a celebrity as the women clamored around her to learn more about how to do culltivating events in their churches. They stopped for an impromptu prayer, asking God to bring her back to Moldova next year!

The women were overwhelmed by the gifts they received, including the butterfly magnets created by Tiffani Howard and the butterfly notepads made by the women of New Life Church. When they found the notepads placed at their tables two women came running to us saying, "Thank you! Thank you! This is too much!"

Just before we left for the conference I was able to pick up my suitcase from the airport. Praise God!

We have many new friends in Moldova who will need our prayers. We look forward to telling you about them. Tomorrow I will speak at Irpen Bible Church, just outside Kiev, and Carol will do a craft. They are expecting 40 women to attend. We will send pictures if we can. Please keep us in our prayers. We definitely feel the Lord's blessing.

Love, Judy and Carol

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