Friday, October 06, 2006

Missionary of the Month – October, 2006

The Mayhughs serve with the Great Wall Ministries team in Macau.

Major Challenges for them and teammates: Church members’ long working hours; limited education of factory workers; loss of teammates; few committed men; and strengthening friendships among spiritual leaders.

Ongoing Prayer Request: Deeper commitment to Christ; for male leaders to take on increased responsibility; pastors’ health and spiritual vitality; unity and common vision; and teammates helping each other succeed.

Current Events:

Diana will have earned her TOFL certificate in Zhu Hoi, China Sept 29th!

Paul is working on his PhD in Hong Kong at China Graduate School of Theology. Please pray for diligence, discipline and perseverance as he is reading 10-11 hours a day.

Pray that he will draw close to the Lord during this study time and come out with greater abilities to help his Chinese co-workers.

Pray for Diana and Paul as they are separated Monday through Friday, esp. Diana as she will be in Macau.

Pray for the new university Student Center to be used of the Lord to reach many more Chinese students with the gospel.

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