Monday, September 25, 2006

WLHS Wins. NLC Celebrates

If there was consensous about anything going into Friday night, it was that WLHS was the underdog in their home game against Clackamas. The early score even reflected that mindset as Clackmas pulled ahead in the first quarter. However, that sense of security was short lived as WLHS scored a steady stream of unanswered touchdowns. The grandstand erupted with cheering with every step towards victory.

Meanwhile, most of the high school students wandered the track in search of God knows what. Relationships were nurtured, jokes were told, and yes, there was even a bit of flirting. After the game, more than 30 students piled into the church for pizza and a movie. Many were regulars, but many were also new faces. Smiles and laughter were plentiful as friends hung out and conversed, and others got comfortable in the high school room for a theatre quality setup.

All in all it's safe to say that God's love was expressed in some creative ways as newcomers expressed their thankfulness, not only for the evening, but for all that the church does for high school students, opening its doors for Coffee Cart, Young Life gatherings, etc. Thanks NLC for your ministry to high school students.

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Anonymous said...

Our own Erik Koczian was instrumental in the WLHS victory over Clackamas High School. Erik is a star player and he is really fun to watch. Plus, he has a fantasic cheering section. Erik's dad, Jozsef, could possibly be the team's most enthusiastic fan. (Don't worry...he doesn't paint himself green and yellow or anything crazy like that!)
Keep up the good work, Erik. We're proud of you!
--Judy Cochran