Monday, September 04, 2006

Opportunities For Investing In God's Kingdom

On September 20th our team is heading to Italy to serve a precious church in Ostia. This is part of our ongoing effort to partner with this protestant church to bring the gospel and make disciples in this part of Rome.

We are working on two financial projects we are hoping to complete by the time we leave. The first project is a baby clothes project. We are hoping to take a large suitcase of new baby clothes for the church to resell in Italy. Baby clothes in Italy are expensive. We can carry a lot of them in a suitcase. If we can buy some inexpensively here, the gift will multiply itself there in a significant way.

The other project will remodel Anna and Michele Gandolfo's apartment so they can have an income by renting the additional space. The church there doesn't pay them a regular salary. Little is left over after the church pays its rent. This will help a faithful servant of Christ in a practical way. Your gifts to this project will be matched, so that every dollar you give becomes two.

I encourage your continued generosity with this precious church. Thank you on behalf of believers who will be greatly helped.

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