Friday, September 29, 2006

Ministry in a beautiful place

We have been speaking, singing and having appointments every day, but the past two days we have fit in a couple sightseeing trips. Wednesday we went to Ostia Antica and Yesterday we saw some of Rome.

I was struck again with the primary place Mary has in everything. In the first picture she can be seen throwing Martin Luther and John Calvin into Hell while an Angel tears their names out of the book of life. This statue is in Chiesa Del Gesu. In the next picture from Chiesa di Trinata she is seen carrying her dead, helpless son. All throughout the Rome are signs of the adoption of pagan ideas into Catholicism.It is easy to see why the reformers we angry with the Catholic Church.

Marcia and I got to walk the beach near sunrise this morning. These pictures provide a good glimpse of Ostia.

Tonight our Bible conference begins. Expectations are high. Please pray that God's Spirit will work through His word to bring unity to this church and among evangelical churches. I will preach three times and Aaron will preach once tomorrow morning. Thank you for your prayers.

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