Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Library Additions!

Children's Library:
        5 new Mandie books
        Sisters in Time
            Emily - makes a difference (18930 a time  of progress and problems
            Lydia the Patriot (1770) The Boston massacre
            Sarah's New World (1620) the mayflower adventure
            Meg -follows a dream (1844) the fight for freedom
            Anna's-Fight for hope (1931) the great depression

            Veggie Tales
                Easter Carol
                Ultimate silly song countdown
                Jonah: sing along songs
            3,2,1, Penguins
            Cheating scales of bullamanka
            Runaway pride at lightstation kilowatt
            Amazing carnival of complaining
            The Yodel Napper
            Leggo my ego

Main Library:
    Teen section (on the window shelf)
        Heroes of the Faith
            C.S. Lewis (creator of Narnia)
            Corrie Ten Boom (faith amidst fear)
            Free Indeed (African-American Christians and the struggle for equality
            Into all the World (four stories of pioneer missionaries)
            Jim Elliot (missionary martyr)
            Some gave all (four stories of missionary martyrs)
            Well with My Soul (four dramatic stories of great hymn writers)
        DC Talk
             Under God

        Clay Aiken (Learning to Sing)-782.4    
        Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp -248.8
        How to give away your Faith (revised edition) by Billy Graham -248.5
        The FIVE Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman, Ph. D - 649
        Every young woman's battle by Shannon Ethridge - 241.66
        Every young man's battle by Stephen Arterburn - 241.66

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