Tuesday, August 22, 2006

College / Young Adult End-of-Summer Bowling and Pizza

The New Life Church College & Young Adult group went bowling as a way of celebrating the end of summer. It was the last time several of them would be together before heading off to college.

Everyone enjoyed the time together. While Mackenzie posted an all-time best and Mandi was on fire, the news story of the evening was a dramatic competition between Kati and Pastor Scott in the final game for the high score of the night. It came down to the final frame. And. . . you'll have to ask someone who was there how it ended up.

The night concluded in a sweet time of prayer for those leaving to follow God's leading in their lives.


Nate Hanson said...

Who’s that strikingly handsome chap on the top right?

Lori Elliott said...

Why, that's Nate-The-Great the world's most....well, the world's most unique bowler! Just look at that form!

Hey, Nate, hope your feeling much better after having those wisdom teeth pulled! Prayed for you this morning!

Mrs. E