Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Briggs -- August Missionary of the Month

Bill and Michelle Briggs and family from Loja, Ecuador send greetings. Here is an excerpt from a recent letter. New Life Church plans on putting together a short term team to visit and help the Briggs this winter…perhaps you might want to go??? Read about what they’ve been up to.

We have begun training locals in basic health issues as well as provide some medical care as needed. Each visit will involve a time of medical attention/training and then a short Bible study. We are specifically targeting areas that do not have access to any medical attention, and tend to be isolated from other sources of help and instruction. All this is in Spanish so please continue to pray for ongoing improvement in our language ability. Also pray for protection as we travel out to remote areas, sometimes returning after dark.

There are very poor, elderly people around Gonzanama that really don’t receive much care. We hope to identify several who we can visit regularly and help, including medical care as necessary. Pray for wisdom as we determine who to see and how to help and that God’s love would open their hearts to Him.

Because there is such a strong desire to learn English in hopes of securing a job in another country, we have started a weekly class for 15 adults. Please pray that our witness and growing friendships will bring about good opportunities for sharing the truth of Gods’ word.

Part of what we are trying to do in Gonzanama is encourage and strengthen the known Christians. Every Saturday at four pm there is a gathering of 6-8 people in our house for church. Pray for discernment and wisdom as we are often needing to deal with gossip, unforgiveness, and significant relational tensions among many here in Gonzanama.

Personally, we struggle with balancing the kids’ education with daily living, learning Spanish and trying to get out and minister. We are encouraged that a short term missionary, currently in Loja, will be coming out in August to live in Gonzanama and help out.

Please pray that this extra help will work out as we feel it is very necessary.

Please pray for Michelle’s shoulder and ongoing migraine troubles as well as general physical and spiritual protection.

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