Monday, July 10, 2006

New Life Church Gets In Step With Cadence

Saturday New Life Church sent a team to serve Cadence Ministries at Ft. Lewis Washington. Our missionaries, Paul & Beryl Metko brokered this opportunity for us and then joined the team for the day. We worked on a hospitality house for the ministry there. Job number one was painting the house. They also cleaned up some of the landscaping. Hey, it looks good!

We are planning on returning so that we can help the ministry family, Ron and Susan Hand, focus on ministry to soldiers, not maintaining their building. This team, like so much other ministry recently at New Life Church, was funded by the $50 stewardship projects. Tim Smith used his $50 to help the team get up there and Aaron Anderson had already given his money to the Hand family.

The team from New Life Church included: Lee & Louise Bennett, Rick & Cindy Sollers, Alma Coston, Larry Latimer, Joe Cowan, Dave Sanders, and Tim Smith. Paul & Beryl, the Hands, and two soldiers are also in the team picture.

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