Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Hard Work

While the work on the Sports Camp was exhausting it was fun to be with the children and to have opportunity to play ourselves, just a little. The really hard work of the week was a rehab job on a park. We purchased play structure and tried to put it together. It was not as easy as the instructions said. It was not as straightforward as the model in the store. We trimmed weeds, painted everything and redid the existing play structure. One of the most gratifying things was that neighborhood children who had come to Sports Camp came to help us work on their own park. We were surprised and delighted when Holly Thomas showed up on Friday. It is Sunday afternoon now, rainy with stifling humidity and they are out finishing this park project.

Matt is making sure those girls stir that concrete!

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Louise B said...

Hey! That kitchen was built by the first NLC team that went down last year! Good to see it was put to good use!

I know the sights, sounds and smells down there can't be described....only experienced!