Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can you help the Strahms?

Can you help the Strahms? They lead Equippers’ Network International which is a nonprofit leadership training and development organization that sends qualified instructors to train deserving pastoral students in remote areas of the former Soviet Union. Their purpose is to provide these students with intensive training and ministry materials to prepare them to serve as church planters, pastors and missionaries.

Rich and Cheri Strahm are in the US until they raise their monthly support. They are 16% under-funded and need a minimum of $8,000.00 before they can return to Ukraine in September - $4,000 to cover monthly salary shortage through December and $4,000 to cover housing in Kiev and our administrative cost through December.

To help, send money to:
Dr. Rich Strahm,ENI Executive Director
P.O. Box 210698
Columbia, SC, 29221-0698

Or place it in the offering and mark ‘Strahm’ on the envelope.

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