Sunday, June 25, 2006


Kerri Tefft

It took Kerri only a day or two to come up with her idea. She was excited about Kati's ministry trip to Pass Christian, Mississippi. So she took advantage of her position at Wells Fargo bank and used her $50 to open an account and print flyers (read her flyer here) for a "Kid's of Katrina" fund. The idea was to invite people to give to help children who were affected by Katrina.

Turns out our team, just last Friday, got the opportunity to do Sports Camp for kids of Katrina next week. They are excited about the ministry they will have with children.

When we did Sports Camp in West Linn we charged children $25 to cover costs. We didn't want to charge children whose families had lost everything the $25. Turns out other people thought hers was a great idea, too. Kerri's fund raised $600, just $28 short of the full cost of doing Sports Camp in Pass Christian. She will leave the fund open for a few more days. If any of you would like to pitch in the final money you can stop by the Wells Fargo bank at Bales Thriftway.

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