Friday, June 16, 2006


The latest development in the stewardship project comes from Christine VanOveran. She received $50 and had an idea immediately. That idea didn't pan out but it put her overdue on her project. She is still at it and making up for lost time with her new idea.

She is using her $50 to buy NEW baby clothes at garage sales and elsewhere for resale in Italy. They will be carried over in the Fall with Pastor Scott and the church in Ostia will hold a small sale. Baby clothes are very expensive in Italy. The proceeds will benefit our partner church in Ostia.

She would like to invite you to join her. If you go to garage sales or thrift stores and find some NEW (Is that enough emphasis on NEW?) children's clothing (6mos-5yrs) and would like to donate them you can contact Christine by email to make a plan This is a great opportunity to multiply a gift into much more.

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