Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mississippi Update #3

Today was the hardest day so far. Several of the Boys and Girls Club children were gone. It was hotter outside. A few fights broke out between the children. Please continue to pray for our impact with these kids and for our ability to pave the way for Bible Fellowship Church to have a ministry in their lives for years to come.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys have a lot of kids. We are praying for you all. Hope the next few days are extra special. Miss you.

Leslie Reavely

Anonymous said...

We have been actively praying for you all and keeping track from afar. We can totally relate to mid-point hardship in a missions endeavor. It is SO NORMAL and Satan would love to have us get greatly discouraged. Case in point, you are doing God's work and the enemy doesn't like that and would love to derail any motivation or inspiration. Hang in there!! Remember you are a team with the greatest coach ever, Jesus Christ!! There is a lot of prayer going up on your behalf and for those you are ministering to. We have just come off of our annual home missions endeavor at Ducor Freedom Fair--it was definitely stretching for some, envigorating for others, physically exhausting for all, and we even had a few casualties, but all rejoicing in the blessings that we received and keep pouring in. You will reap the same type of blessings!! Keep your focus on Him; we will continue to pray for you! We are so excited to read already and hear from some of you what the Lord in accomplishing through you all. We love you--hope to hear more awesome things!!
Galen and Lita Norsworthy
Bakersfield, CA

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