Sunday, June 25, 2006

Katrina Team Update - One Day In

Greetings from Pass Christian (PC), MS. The believers here at Bible Fellowship Church (BFC) send their greetings as well.

Well, as some of you may already know, it took a little bit longer to get to PC than we anticipated. Our initial flight to Denver was delayed an hour out of PDX, which was only going to give us an hour to make our connecting flight once on the ground. We were still hopeful, but as we approched Denver, a thunder storm prevented us from landing for another hour. Thankfully our connecting flight was also delayed, enough to grab a bite to eat before taking off to New Orleans (NO).

We landed in NO with no problems, but getting our rental cars took longer than anticipated, so we didn't arrive in PC until 3:30am, when we had hoped to be there around 12:30am. The sermon at BFC this morning was great, but I don't need to tell you that we all struggled to stay focused.

There was a church potluck after the service this morning that afforded us the opportunity to fellowship with our brothers in the Lord here, which is apparently rare for these kinds of teams.

Our objective today was to get the word out about Sports Camp, which was a unique experience as we split up and infiltrated the community. In the places where houses once sat, trailers provided by FEMA are parked as these people's temporary shelter until they move, rebuild, or repair. Unfortunately most of these people can't afford to climb out of this "supposedly" temporary situation.

"Who made you an expert on the pressures of post-Katrina survivors?" you might ask. You need nothing more than a listening ear to learn what these people have gone through and the struggles they still face. All of them have amazing stories that they are obviously unable to remain quiet about. We meant to distribute Sports Camp flyers and ended up being used by God in other ways. We know now that our presence is perhaps the most important contribution we can make.

We are blending well with the team from St. Helens, OR that is here with us. Please pray for the following:

-Campers to populate Sports Camp
-Sensitivity on our part to God's leading and the needs of the people here
-Safety for Sports Camp, since some drug trafficking has taken place at the park where we'll be meeting
-Boldness to offer the hope of Christ to a suffering people.
-Unity for our teams and the members of BFC for the sake of the Gospel

Thanks for your support! God is good and doing great things!

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