Monday, June 12, 2006

I've got pictures of that!

One of the things that was overheard often last night was "I've got pictures of that!" We did have a lot of pictures that ended up on the digital cutting room floor, but a lot of people left their pictures in the trunk in the basement. One of the goals of this celebration was the preservation of the church history and archives in a digital format.

If you do have pictures of West Linn Baptist Church nka New Life Church and would be willing to share them it is not too late for them to become part of the church's history. And, all the more reason to share, it's too late for you to be embarrassed by them ending up in the presentation.

If the pictures are in digital format please make a CD of them. If they are "real" pictures and you could part with them for a few days to let us scan them we would really appreciate it.

And, if you have incriminating pictures of someone we're always looking for ways to raise money. . .

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